Thursday, August 23, 2012

Opening Reception for Saturation Point

University House Issaquah presents SATURATION POINT with an opening reception on Saturday, September 8, 2:00-4:00pm

artists include:
Alex Birkoff, Jan Bogle, Nancy Bradley, Minh Carrico, Kayti Dupar, Deb Freng, Susan Gans, Anne Gordon, Sue Gurevich, Cynthia Hall, Carol Hiltner, Irena Jablonski, Cara Kennedy, Patricia Kling, Cheri Kopp, LeRoy Lacelle, Susan Melrath, Marietta Modl, Alison Peacock, Marjorie Rice, Liz Ruest, Bruce Savadow, Jan Tervonen, Rob Tilley, Gretchen Van Dyke, Camille Vonnegut, Constance Wellnitz, Spar Wilson

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Artist Couples Opening Reception

Artist Couples:  (L to R)
Paul and Anna McKee
Roger Burk and Meg Murch
Colleen Venter and Stephen Steck
Susan Lyles and Alfredo Arreguin
Carol Ross and Michael Rainwater
 Colleen Venter and Stephen Steck

 Susan Lyles and Alfredo Arreguin

 Michael Rainwater and Carol Ross

Meg Murch and Roger Burk

Beautiful food creations at the opening reception
Visual Biographies reception
 Marla Becker executive director of Aljoya Mercer Island, Kelly Lyles co-curator, artists Barbara Dunshee and Barbara Noonan
Artist Barbara Dunshee with Resident Joe Finnegan
 Artist Cathy Fields with Resident Pat Anderson
 Earnie Thomas in front of his painting, "Odyssey" about of his father-in-law Jim Esclavon
 Matt Calcavecchia next to his mixed media painting about Bob Coe
 Artists Angielena Chamberlin and Barbara Noonan
Artists Matt Calcavecchia and Doug Keith