Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Opening Reception at University House Issaquah

An intergenerational show of students and seniors in "Harold and the Purple Crayon".  In the classic children's book, Harold creates his reality by drawing it with his purple crayon.  This is a show of creativity by students from Issaquah area schools and residents and staff of University House Issaquah.  Music by the student string quartet, "The Complicated Quartet".  Co-curated by Vicki Hoffman and June Sekiguchi.
Harold inspired coloring group of residents, Babs Gray, Jean Weile, and Jackie Kester

artwork of Ann Pittle left, Linlon Xien right

left:  self-portrait by Sam Butterklee;  right:  "Mario" by Sam Butterklee

The Complicated Quartet 

Student artist Kyle Patterson and his dad

Resident artist Ann Pittle

Resident artists Jeannette LeCelle and wood carver Beth Hyypia

awesome student artist, Krysta Dawson

Artist beloveds Sam and Edith Butterklee

University House Issaquah Residents 

wood carving by Beth Hyypia called "Bird Brain"

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